Sitecore SMTP testing

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Many time developer need to do quick test about SMTP is working or not. I think most of the time developer add some code in project and deploy for testing. So for testing instead of compile and deploy; we can test quickly in less efforts. Create .aspx file using any simple editor and put file within sitecore website folder where you can … Read More

Sitecore automate code generation using TDS T4 text template

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Sitecore developers who are unaware of TDS code generation could be saving significant time and effort as well as reducing runtime errors (to compile time errors) and other type-safe coding benefits. Many developers are manually writing Field Name, Template Ids, Field Ids etc. As an example, template contains fields like Title, Text etc. Most of the time developers are using class or constants and … Read More

Customise Sitecore Rich Text Editor using Rules

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Most sites require customised styles within Sitecore Rich Text Editor (RTE) so that the user can apply styles as needed. In Sitecore, that process is quite easy to implement. The developer is required to update settings either in web.config or by applying CSS classes into Sitecore default file, which is used by RTE. Now the issue is, most of the … Read More

Configure insert options using Sitecore rules

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In most Sitecore projects, the developer is required to set insert options to Sitecore item/content/page which will be used by Sitecore content users. In most cases developers have set insert options within the Sitecore template standard item (__Standard values). Nothing is wrong with doing that, but sometimes adding extra page can be a time consuming process, especially when the developer creates … Read More

Adding custom index in Sitecore 7.2

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Add custom lucene index in Sitecore 7.2 tooked me few hours to understand how to configure that. Following are the some easy step to create custom index using some default index settings.